With a New Year,  I propose light Pear Salad. The sour dressing and sweetness of pear provide an incredible sensation. 

Wow. Today polar vortex is bringing sub-zero temperature. To keep yourself warm I would recommend the Beef Soup which is easy to make and it does not require a lot of attention. Therefore, instead of spending your time in the kitchen, you can enjoy reading like me, or other your favorite activities. 

Try my Holiday-Christmas cookies and Barszcz - Red Beetroot soup. Cokkies are very delicious, crunchy and buttery. I received this recipe from my Mom and every year we make these cookies. Kids appreciate not only the flavor, but the fact that they can cut  the dough as they wish using various cookie cutters. I would appreciate your comments. 

Try new Christmas  and New Year recipes. Poppy seed roll is a typical Polish Christmas and New Year recipe. According to the legend the poppy seeds bring prosperity. 


    Hi, my name is Justyna. This is my first blog in which I would like to convey my culinary enthusiasm to all of you who like to experience in your kitchen and surprise others.


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